[linux-lvm] pv_read(): PV identifier invalid

Wiktor Wodecki wodecki at gmx.de
Thu May 30 04:47:02 UTC 2002


can anybody please tell me what the following means:

kakerlak:~# pvscan 
pvscan -- reading all physical volumes (this may take a while...)
pvscan -- ERROR "pv_read(): PV identifier invalid" reading physical volumes

this comes regardless if I have any LVM partitions on my system. On a
sidenote, my primary master ide disk gets wrong CHS values assigned by
linux. I did override them with the hda=xxxx,xxx,xx boot paramameter,
but maybe that's the problem. LVM in Questions is 1.0.4 on kernel
2.4.19-pre7 with recent vm patches from andrea, netfilter stuff and a patch for my
scsi adapter.


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