[linux-lvm] e2fsadm and snapshots?

Jon Bendtsen jon+lvm at silicide.dk
Fri Nov 1 02:19:01 UTC 2002

Jim King wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 15:25, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> > The LVM snapshot is the whole filesystem (with only the parts that
> > actually change being written to the snapshot LV) - no need to change
> > the filesystem size at all.  All you need to change is the LV size.
> OK -- so using lvextend I can extend it. But once it's extended, I can
> no longer mount it. I get:

You dont need to unmount it to extend it.
May i suggest mounting the filesystems as ext2, if you are running ext3?

I run 5 scripts for the snapshots as well.
One is run every minute, and checks if there is less than 512M left on
the snapshot, then it extends it. (this is actualy 3 scripts, one using
find to execute another script, this one is called by cron, the 2. does
a lvdisplay on the snapshot, and pipes the data into a perl script, that
does checking and resizing + email sysadm (me))
The 4 other scripts are run every hour, every 8 hour, every day, and
sunday. They take a new snapshot, unmounts the old, mounts the new, and
removes the old.

Ontop of all this, i take backup using the day snapshot, and i'll soon
(setting it up today) get another server, that i will use rsync to
take a backup of the hourly snapshot to another server, which is


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