[linux-lvm] e2fsadm and snapshots?

Greg Freemyer freemyer at NorcrossGroup.com
Tue Nov 5 15:04:01 UTC 2002

 >>  On Nov 05, 2002  12:24 -0500, Greg Freemyer wrote:
 >>  > Andreas Dilger wrote:
 >>  > >  I would suggest putting your snapshot LV onto a separate disk and see
 >>  how
 >>  > >  that does.
 >>  >
 >>  > Can that be done?
 >>  > 
 >>  > I thought the snapshot LV had to share the same VG/PV as the base LV.

 >>  Same VG, but it can be on any PV therein.

 >>  > Is there some way to force the snapshot on to separate physical drives.

 >>  You just specify the PV on which to create the snapshot LV.  This is no
 >>  different than any other LV creation, for which you can optionally specify
 >>  the PV(s) on which it is created.

 >>  Cheers, Andreas
 >>  --
 >>  Andreas Dilger
 >>  http://www-mddsp.enel.ucalgary.ca/People/adilger/
 >>  http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2resize/


I'm running lvm 1.0.3.  Assuming this has the feature you describe, I assume the PV goes in the "PhysicalVolumePath" argument.

This is not described in my man entry.

Would the below be correct?

pvcreate /dev/sd1  /dev/sd2        #  sd1 = 3ware raid,   sd2 = physical drive.

vgcreate MYvg /dev/sd1 /dev/sd2

lvcreate -L 2G -n data MYvg /dev/sd1

lvcreate --snapshot --size 1G --name data_snap "/dev/MYvg/scratch"  /dev/sd2

Thanks for bringing this "new to me" capability to my attention.

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