[linux-lvm] cache buffer size

Miwako Nakai nakai at ezinc.com
Wed Nov 6 22:04:02 UTC 2002

Thank you Mr.Best

Steve Best wrote:
> Miwako Nakai wrote:
> >Thank you, Mr.Mauelshagen
> >
> >JFS can not have fixed block size. But I heard from JFS group in IBM
> >that on 2.5 or later it will be improved. I do not know JFS will have
> >fixed block size or not. They said 'improved'.
> This isn't right, JFS block size is fixed at 4k. Do you only have this
> problem if you snapshot? Could you explain some more about your setup.
> Are all of your LVs JFS?

YES. It happens only when using snapshot. Does snapshot use 1k block

nakai at ezinc.com

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