[linux-lvm] LV's above 2TB, PV's above 1TB, LBD?

Tad Kollar tkollar at grc.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 14 08:12:01 UTC 2002

Using LVM2 tools from CVS, and kernel 2.5.47 w/dm patches...

Seems to be a sign error someplace... 2+ TB requests are treated as 4+ TB:

lvm> lvextend -l 10980 /dev/vgtest2/lvtest2
   Extending logical volume lvtest2 to 2.68 TB
   logical volumes cannot be larger than 4.00 TB

Also, pvcreate treats 1+ TB devices as 2+ TB and rejects them.

Aside from this, now that the 2.5 kernel supports LBD's, can the limit on LV's 
be raised to 16 TB?


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