[linux-lvm] LMV install on RH 7.1

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Wed Nov 20 13:17:02 UTC 2002

-- TED MORRIS <Ted at panafsat.com>

> I am a linux newbie. I desperately need to install LVM 1.0.6 on Redhat
> 7.1 but can't seem to make it work.The file is a tar file. Any tips.
> Thanks

What are you having trouble with (e.g., extracting the
tarball contents, configure)?

Simplest fix is either:

	gzip -dc blah.tar.gz | cpio -idv;


	bzip2 -dc blah.tar.bz2 | cpio -idv;

depending on the squish format.

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