[linux-lvm] Differences between LVM1 and LVM2

Samuli Suonpaa suonpaa at iki.fi
Thu Nov 21 05:23:02 UTC 2002

"Heinz J . Mauelshagen" <mauelshagen at sistina.com> writes:
> We still declare LVM2 to be in Beta _because_ it misses the soon to
> be added feature to online relocate data (pvmove).

How about documentation? I still haven't seen any documentation that
would really give me a change to _understand_ what's the relation
between DM and LVM2 or how I should set up my system. Something
similar to LVM-HOWTO, I mean.

Should I do most things just like I'm used to with LVM tools
(pvcreate, vgcreate, lvcreate and then just mount) or should I use
dmsetup for something - and for what?

Oh, and now that I'm already writing this on the list, I might as well
ask a few questiong about used and usable versions as well.

My laptop and my home-server are both running Debian Testing. Packages
lvm2-1.95.10-2 andf dmsetup-0.96.04-2 and libdevmapper0-0.96.04-2 are
available, both packaged by Andres Solomon. I guess I'd have to
install these? Will these work with - for instance - kernels
2.4.20-rc1-ac4 and 2.5.47-ac6 or should I patch my kernels?


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