[linux-lvm] Whole Disk Usage with LVM ...

david at lownoisefloor.com david at lownoisefloor.com
Thu Nov 21 10:21:02 UTC 2002

Okay... some more info for what I am trying to 
   1. I want to be able to stripe across disks of
      2,3,4,5,6 count.
   2. LVM gives me an error message when I try to
      stripe 6 disks.  I go to 4 and it's no problem.
   3. All disks are 8e (LVM) type and I use the entire
      disk. (I wont have issues with this its the best way).
   4. All disks are identical.

  If, from this email thread, I understand that I should
use partition tables... (which is just another setup step
and not a problem)... then will Stripping across 6 disks be
allowed with partition tables in use?

  I am using LVM 1.
  Does LVM 2 have different capabilities?

Dave G.

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