[linux-lvm] Painless upgrade to lvm2?

Heinz J . Mauelshagen mauelshagen at sistina.com
Mon Nov 25 08:23:02 UTC 2002


get the LVM2 tools from


the device-mapper software from


You want to get recent device-mapper kernel patches from 


as well.

Unpack the tarballs giving you LVM2*/, device-mapper*/ and 2.4.19*/

Patch a vanilla kernel with the device-mapper patches in the 2-4-19* subdir
(works for 2.4.20-rc as well), activate it in the kernel configuration and
generate the kernel.

Generate and install the device-mapper software (library is needed to run
the LVM2 tools).

Generate and install the LVM2 tools.

You can install those in a different path in order to be able to backup
to LVM1 (just in case ;)

LVM2 is format compatible to the LVM1 ondisk metadata format.
It only misses pvmove which we want to add ASAP before we go for
the final release.

If you want to give this a try, feel free to contact the LVM team on IRC on
channel #lvm at irc.openprojects.org for interactive aid.

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On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 08:36:37AM -0500, Bradley Alexander wrote:
> I'm running lvm-1.0.6 on a Debian/sid system, and was wondering what
> would be the best upgrade path? Install from debs? From source? Is there
> some kind of howto for making this transition?
> Thanks,
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