[linux-lvm] vgchange with lvm_snapshot_fill_COW_page failed

Van Boxtel Software BV info at van-boxtel-software.nl
Tue Nov 26 02:53:02 UTC 2002


When we changed the physical position of the harddrives we were able to
mount the existing volumegroup.

When we rechanged these drives to the original position and tried to
activate the volume group with vhchange -a y we got the following error:

vgchange -ay
vgchange -- ERROR "Bad address" activating volume group "lvmgroup1"
vm -- _pv_get_number failed for rdev = 65535
lvm -- lvm_snapshot_fill_COW_page failed

(I tried:
lvscan -D
vgchange -a y)

Do you have any suggestions?

Jeffrey (jvhout at van-boxtel-sftware.nl)

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