[linux-lvm] vgchange with lvm_snapshot_fill_COW_page failed

Anders Widman andewid at tnonline.net
Tue Nov 26 03:53:02 UTC 2002

> Hi,

> When we changed the physical position of the harddrives we were able to
> mount the existing volumegroup.

> When we rechanged these drives to the original position and tried to
> activate the volume group with vhchange -a y we got the following error:

> vgchange -ay
> vgchange -- ERROR "Bad address" activating volume group "lvmgroup1"
> .
> vm -- _pv_get_number failed for rdev = 65535
> lvm -- lvm_snapshot_fill_COW_page failed

What version of LVM tools (and kernel-module) to you use?

> (I tried:
> lvscan -D
> vgscan
> vgchange -a y)

> Do you have any suggestions?

> Regards,
> Jeffrey (jvhout at van-boxtel-sftware.nl)

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