[linux-lvm] undocumented strange LVM behaviour

Daniel Zeiss daniel at kellnerweg.de
Tue Nov 26 06:39:01 UTC 2002


my lvm (2 partitions on 2 discs /dev/hde4 /devhdg2) on a Debian Woody 
Linux (2.4.18-686) shows some strange behaviour:

After rebooting my computer, vgscan found an inactive "vg01" to be my 
volume group but vgchange -a y said:

vgchange -- ERROR: can't get name(s) of physical volumes
vgchange -- Please check, if /proc is mounted

my /proc is mounted and in /proc/lvm /global is says:

Total:  0 VGs   0 PVs   0 LVs  (LVs open)
Global: 152 bytes malloced  IOP version 10   0:05:06 active

I do _not_ use devfs, /dev is complete and working.

My lvm are just my home dirs, so uncomming them in /etc/fstabs and 
rebooting brings my system up with kde now problem and root can log in 
and work (which it shouldnt do with kde, just testing).

My / is on /dev/hde3, so it isnt a disc failure.

the output of

vgchange -a y -d

is attached.

What can I do to get my LVM up running _without_ dataloss?

Thank you


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