[linux-lvm] dm patches for 2.5.50

Joe Thornber joe at fib011235813.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Nov 28 06:05:02 UTC 2002

Latest dm patches for 2.5.50 are available here:


- Joe

Revision 1:
  Four constants:
  Were being declared in device-mapper.h, these are all specific to 
  the ioctl interface, so they've been moved to dm-ioctl.h.  Nobody
  in userland should ever include <linux/device-mapper.h> so remove 
  ifdef __KERNEL guards.

Revision 2:
  I believe Steve and I found a bug in dm-table.c. The function open_dev()
  has the wrong check after the call to blkdev_get(). Thus, if the
  blkdev_get() call succeeds, bd_claim() is never called. Futhermore, if
  blkdev_get() fails (for instance, if you try to create a target to a
  non-existent device), bd_claim() will fail, and blkdev_put() may segfault.
  Kevin Corry
  corryk at us.ibm.com

Revision 3:
  Return -ENOTBLK if lookup_device() finds the inode, but it
  is not a block device. [Cristoph Hellwig]

Revision 4:
  No need to validate the parameters if we are doing a
  REMOVE_ALL command.

Revision 5:
  check_device_area was comparing the bytes with sectors.
  [Stefan Lauterbach]

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