[linux-lvm] Recovering from a disaster...

Shaw, Marco Marco.Shaw at aliant.ca
Fri Nov 29 09:11:02 UTC 2002

>> A typical scnerario could be LVM sitting on top of MD, and have to 
>> recover from some kind of disaster.  I wonder if the RedHat 8.0 rescue 
>> option has all the modules/tools to repair such a disaster.

> They don't support LVM out of the box, so this is unlikely.

Actually, RH now supports LVM as of 8.0.  An lsmod when in 'rescue mode' also shows lvm_mod.

The whole disaster with software RAID and LVM mixed in, isn't easy, but a friend and I figured it out yesterday.  Not knowing the system has a mix of both before troubleshooting could be (actually is) disastrous!


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