[linux-lvm] lvcreate distributed extent option

James Hawtin oolon at pzat.meep.org
Sat Nov 30 09:08:03 UTC 2002

> This allows us to do more I/O's per second

yes... Thats striping why use a stripe size equal to that of a logical
extent I would have expected you to want them much smaller than that!
the default for striping on lvm is 8k. I my LE size is 16 meg,
16 meg strips would be a bit pointless in my book. Anyway using -I you can
set it to what you want.

lvcreate -i <num> -I <K> .....

from the lvcreate man page

       -i, --stripes Stripes
              Gives the number of stripes.  This is equal to  the
              number  of  physical volumes to scatter the logical

       -I, --stripesize StripeSize
              Gives the number of kilobytes for  the  granularity
              of the stripes.
              StripeSize must be 2^n (n = 2 to 9)


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