[linux-lvm] software mirroring

Scott Savarese scott at scottsavarese.com
Sat Sep 7 09:35:01 UTC 2002

José Luis Domingo López said:
>> Or is it preferered to create LV's with LVM, and then run RAID ontop
>> of the LVM disks? (and then mirror /boot seperately).
> Better the other way: RAID on top of physical disks (to get protection
> against a disk failure) and above RAID (be it sotf or hard) LVM (the
> inner layer gives you RAID1 capabilities, and LVM works as usual).

Is there any sort of procedure written on how to do this on a system with
only two disks? If I mirror the disks, then I now have 1 logical disk, in
which case I can't install LVM on top.


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