[linux-lvm] md + lvm + reiser

Chris Jantzen chris at maybe.net
Sat Sep 7 17:18:22 UTC 2002

Excuse me if this has been covered already, though I did try to read
through the archives. I am running md raid5 (software) over several
drives and importing that into LVM and using reiserfs. It's worked fine
for some time, but now I want to start snapshots. I've learned about the
VFS lock patch, yes, but my real question is: why is the raid5 buffer
cache constantly thrashing back and forth? I assume this has to do with
a conflict between reiserfs's 4096 byte blocks and LVM's 512
SECTOR_SIZE. Or did I configure something wrong somewhere? Is it safe to
just change SECTOR_SIZE in lvm.h or will that mess up on-disk
structures? Thank you.

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