[linux-lvm] vgcreate -- no valid physical volumes in command line

Daniel Gardner daniel at danielgardner.org
Sun Sep 8 10:21:03 UTC 2002

On Sunday 08 September 2002 3:59 pm, Glenn Shannon wrote:
> It's not bad, I use it. It just takes a couple of tweaks.
> For one, the actual devices are in subdirs now. Like what was /dev/hda2
> is now /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part2.
> So one needs to pass the devfs'ed name for the device to the lvmtools.

ahh, symlinks, i see... yes... I'd read about devfs back when there was 
argument about wether it should be in the kernel or not, but gentoo finally 
dragged me into the modern age. I presume it's the symlinks that vgcreate 
doesn't like... could that be construed as a bug?

Right, onwards for fun and games with grub and lvmcreate_initrd :)

Thanks for the help,

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