[linux-lvm] How does LVM handle disk failure?

Jay Hap-hang Yu jay at amnesiac.homelinux.org
Mon Sep 9 12:02:02 UTC 2002

Hi all,

I know this must be a very common question and has been asked many
times. I'm evaluating LVM and skimmed the LVM-HOWTO. AFAIK there's no
info on what the sysadmin should do in case one of the PVs of a VG
crashes and cannot be remounted. My questions are:

- will the failure of a single PV take down the whole VG it's in?
- does the entire VG have to be rebuilt? or are there methods to simply
  replace the faulty PV with a new HDD and restore the lost data from
  backup (assume using linear mode)


- jhy

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