[linux-lvm] LVM in Dual Path SAN Environment

Andreas G. Schindler schindler at az1.de
Wed Sep 11 04:41:04 UTC 2002

A Question to the LVM Guy(s):

We would like to use Linux LVM to overcome the fact, Linux doesn't 
currently support Dual-Path access to SAN (Fibre-Channel) units.

Rumors are, LVM is able to detect multiple paths to a PV (in my case
a SAN SCSI LUN) and will rearrange it to one single PV.

As far as i see, this should solve the problem during regular operation
(i.e. both paths to the SAN active). But what about the really interesting
case of failure on one link? If this is the currently 'active' link (that
one, still in t LVM's PV list), we need a failover and rearrangement
of the PV list on the fly.

Does this work ??

Many thanks in advance

Regards, Andreas


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