[linux-lvm] software mirroring

Scott Savarese scott at scottsavarese.com
Fri Sep 13 11:46:17 UTC 2002

Luca Berra said:
> which problems did you find in putting / (or /boot) on LVM over MD? (btw
> i am running such a setup)

Lilo has been completely unable to figure out where my root and boot
partitions are. No matter how I was setting up lilo.conf, it wouldn't find
the lvm root partition. I would get L 80 80 80... or L 40 40 40. Sadly, I
never kept a log of exactly what I did (it would have been helpful). I
have a feeling it was more a problem with setting up the raid and getting
lilo to understand where everything is as opposed to an issue with lvm.

>> Is there a howto out there on how to combine raid and lvm? Is there a
>> need
> not that i know of
>> to write one?
> probably yes

Once I figure it all out I'll try and write one...


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