[linux-lvm] sar/iostat statistics for LVM

Poul Petersen petersp at roguewave.com
Wed Sep 18 23:43:02 UTC 2002

	Tsk, tsk, replying to my own post...
	It looks like the /proc/stat entry controls what is visible to
sar/iostat, and this is handled by the kstat_read_proc sub in
fs/proc/proc_misc.c. For whatever reason, disk info is added by looping
major 0->DK_MAX_MAJOR which is defined to be 16, so 58 never gets checked.
Has anyone ever fiddled with this to get sar/iostat working with LVM? I'm
thinking about just adding a check for major 58. Maybe this would be a post
for linux-scsi/kernel...


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> Subject: [linux-lvm] sar/iostat statistics for LVM
> 	It seems that sar and iostat default to major 8 (sd) 
> when reporting
> disk activity statistics. For some reason, "iostat -x" seems broken in
> RedHat 7.2. Are other people using sar to monitor lvm disks? What was
> required to get sar/iostat to monitor major 58?
> Thanks,
> -poul
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