[linux-lvm] raid1+lvm

Andreas Baier andreas.baier at mindmatics.de
Tue Sep 24 06:55:01 UTC 2002


right now, I am not yet sure, if this all is ok, I´ve learned quiet a 
bit about the LVM, and I remember, that it was not suggested to use 
swap on a lvm in former times, and it doesn´t matter if it is a swap 
file or a partition, since there could be bad things when memory is 
tight. Perhaps this is problem is removed - I never used swap on a 
lvm, but I did on a software raid1.

It would be perfect if that all would work, you built a system with 
two cheap IDE-disks or scsi if you´re rich - than one can build a 
small boot partition on both disks and with the rest of the disk one 
can make a soft-raid1 with the lvm on top.

I know I can do it, so I have root and swap and data on the raid, 
accessible via the lvm.  But would it work if mem is tight and the 
system load is high or could I run into a deadlock ?

Best regards


Wolfgang Weisselberg wrote:

> Gerwin Lienert (gerwin.lienert at gmx.de) wrote 37 lines:
>>But what do you do, when your swap becomes to small.
> - use a swapfile (can be on LVM) with a low priority
> - use a swap partition on LVM with a low priority

Andreas Baier

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