[linux-lvm] cannot mount snapshot volumes

Marien Tielemans - Van Boxtel Software BV mtielemans at van-boxtel-software.nl
Tue Sep 24 10:40:01 UTC 2002

Hello ,

I am using a stock RedHat 7.3 server (ext 3 fs) with lvm 1.0.3 installed , i upgraded lvm to 1.0.5 ( kernel patch etc.).
LVM works fine however i cannot mount the created snapshot volume.

When doing a mount the server tells me : Wrong fs type , bad option, bas superblock on /dev/lvmgroup1/snapshot , or too many mounted file systems.

In the mailing list i read that the solution for this problem : patch the kernel with  linux-2.4.18-VFS-lock.patch.( applied in the 1.0.5 tar file)

However when i apply the patch i get messages about Reverse patches and several chunks and files not being patched .So compiling the kernel again also gives problems.

I like to know, is there another patch file i have to use , or a better solution for this problem ?

Thanks ,

Marien Tielemans

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