[linux-lvm] Debian 3.0, kernel 2.4.18 booting with a LVM root fs LVM doesn't work

LEBRETON Philippe philippe.lebreton at cti-paysloire.cnamts.fr
Thu Sep 26 05:20:02 UTC 2002


My configuration is :

Debian 3.0
Kernel 2.4.18
lvm10 debian package.

i want to convert my root fs to LVM and i follow the HOWTO instructions.

in my initrd image i add block, ide, scsi, fs and net drivers.
my linuxrc is :
/sbin/modprobe ext3
/sbin/modprobe ext2
/sbin/modprobe ips
/sbin/modprobe aic7xxx
/sbin/modprobe lvm-mod
/bin/mount /proc
/sbin/vgchange -a y
/bin/umount /proc

when i boot, all drivers are load but mount, vgscan and vgchange doesn't
work :

can't create lock file /etc/mtab17 : permision denied (use -n flag to
vgscan -- ERROR "creating lvmtab" creating lvmtab
           -- no volume groups found
vgchange -- ERROR "/etc/lvmtab" doesn't exist: please run vgscan
VFS: cannot open device 3a:00
kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs 3a:00

where is the problem



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