[linux-lvm] lilo wrote to an lvm disk

Justin Bauer jbauer at engr.smu.edu
Wed Apr 2 10:33:01 UTC 2003


> >I was having trouble earlier with lilo, and while configuring it, I
> >wrote it to the mbr on a disk I had lvm on.  The only place I found that
> >mentioned this problem was in an email to this list in march 2001, over
> >two years ago.  It basically said that the lvm disk would be hosed.  Is
> >there anyway to get the data off the disk? or repair it?
> if you have a recent metadata backup you can try using vgcfgrestore to
> put the metadata back on the disk.

I didn't back anything up, but doesn't it do that by default?  It writes
something to /etc/lvmconf right?

> other options depend on what was the disk layout:
> was it the only disk you had in the volume group?
> are there lv sharing more than one pv?
> do you recall the LV layout?

The bad disk happens to be the first disk in the group.  I didn't do
striping.  The first disk is completely full, well except for the 512
bytes at the beginning :)  There are two other disks as well, the second
disk is mostly full, and the third is empty.



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