[linux-lvm] lvm-1.0.7-2.4.20-xfs.patch and lvm version

Rocky Lee rocky_lee at proware.com.tw
Thu Apr 3 01:24:01 UTC 2003


 when I patch the original linux-2.4.20-vfs-lock.patch file and reboot, the
 kernel boot message shows that lvm version is still 1.0.5+,

 if I patch lvm-1.0.7-2.4.20-xfs.patch(108KB), it will be changed the
version name
 to 1.0.7.

 I forgot how I got this patch.
 I download lvm-1.0.7.tar.gz again, I can't find the
lvm-1.0.7-2.4.20-xfs.patch file.
 does anyone know this file?

 Have a nice day

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