[linux-lvm] Strange hard drive behaviour

vegh at omega.telia.net vegh at omega.telia.net
Sat Apr 5 10:35:02 UTC 2003

I have a question regarding strange hard drive behaviour with an LVM 
volume. When I am creating the ext2 file system over my volume, the 
process takes much more time than expected, and the hard drive makes a strange noise, it 
sounds like its head is jumping back and forth all the time. I have the same noise 
when for example I make 'du' on the volume, or copy large amount of data. 
I dont have that harsh noise on other file systems. Otherwise everything seems to work fine.

My configuration:
I have two RAID arrays with hardware RAID controllers, so it is transparent
to the kernel. I create a PV from the last partition of the first array,
and an other PV with the whole second array. I add them to a VG with 32 M 
extent size, and create one logical volume of the whole VG. I dont use any 
stripping. I use the default parameters with mkfs too.


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