[linux-lvm] Kernel won't release my logical volume

Pasi Valminen okun at photon.tky.hut.fi
Fri Apr 11 07:05:02 UTC 2003


I have 2.4.20-openmosix kernel installed and LVM compiled into the
kernel. I have VG data in which I have /home and /var partitions as LVs.
Now I had some 700 MB of unpartitioned space in that VG I planned to use
for snapshots to backup my data. Of course this was a good idea, but bad

What i did: I created a snapshot volume:

lvcreate -l 23 -s -n backup /dev/data/home

and mounted it into /mnt/bkp/home. Then I backed it up using rsync. All
was still fine. This is the good part, I've got backups.

Now I tried to remove the lv and all #$* broke loose. lvremove seg
faulted. I'm using LVM tools version 1.0.7. It did remove the special
device from the /dev/data but did not free the space allocated for it in
the VG. Also lot's of tools seem to hang and always because of the

lvm_get_iop_version -- LEAVING with ret: 10

which according to man pages indicates
10 error removing logical volume from kernel

Now it seems my metadata is corrupted but I do have backups in
/etc/lvmconf. But you can't do vgcfgrestore while VG is active. And
vgchange will hang because of the above. So I take it, it won't reboot

I have /home shared by nfs. Might that be the prob? I'm totally puzzled,
any help is appreciated. Please mail me since I don't subscribe the
list, for now. 

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