[linux-lvm] Business Relationship.

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Mon Apr 14 09:31:01 UTC 2003

On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, LAWRENCE MOMOH wrote:

This is a FRAUD. Dont reply to this asshole for your own sake.

>  Dear sir
> I am Lawrence Momoh of the republic of sierra leone;Meanwhile I am on
> exile in accra ghana .Aftermuch atrocities ,human right abuses and the
> overthrow of the government of major general koroma years ago.
> I served the government as a presidential advisor on finance and mineral resources
> .During our term in office we had various sum of cash and gold deposited
> in various secret vaults overseas.Due to the present gorvernment of
> Ahmed Tejan Kabahand the ECOWAS EMBARGO ON former ministers of major johnny
> koromah's AFRC we could not travel out beyond west africa . Fortunately
> for me , I manage to get access to one of the vaults in accra ghana,the
> vaults contains $18.37m USD and some quantities of gold .
> SUBJET MATTER; I need a foreign partner who can assist me claim this vault from the security company , hence I have rgistered that they belong to a valued
> friend of mine who left sierra leone at the wake of the civil war for
> safe keeping .After the claim of the vaults you will help me to travel to
> your country where we will invest the sum and arrange the sale of the
> gold .
> Kindly reply this message to enable us start the processing of the
> claims,You are free to ask any questions with regard to this
> transaction.
> Best Regards,
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