[linux-lvm] Help - how do I recover a lost Volume Group

Koch, Steffen steffen.koch at sphinx-electronics.de
Tue Apr 15 04:28:01 UTC 2003

> My main disk /dev/hda has a non-lvm root partition 
> (/dev/hda2) and one lvm
> partition (/dev/hda3)  [/dev/hda1 is a partition with another 
> OS on it :-( ]
> It was starting to fail so I have purchased another disk and 
> temporarily
> wired it in as /dev/hdb.  I created three partitions on in 
> with /dev/hdb3 as
> the lvm partition.  I successfully copied the first two 
> partitions but with
> the third, in order to preserve my volume group name (vg1), I 
> did pvcreate
> /dev/hdb3, vgextend vg1 /dev/hdb3 and pvmove /dev/hda3 so 
> that all the data
> should now be on /dev/hdb3.

maybe copying the whole disk with tools like partition magic (forgive me)
would have been better. I managed to copy a PV from one disk to another.

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