[linux-lvm] LVM problem with removing disk from vg

Sylvain BERTRAND sylvain.bertrand at supelec.fr
Tue Apr 15 08:02:04 UTC 2003


    I had a volume group with disks hd{e,f,g,h,b,c,d}. But my IDE controler is dead now, and I have only hd{e,f,g,h} remaining. I'm pretty sure all the data is on the first disks (linear mode), since there wasnt much. I've tried vgreduce to remove hde{b,c,d} from the volume group, but it says that the device doesnt exist (of course, it's unplugged). I'de like to know if there's a way to reduce this VG to hd{e,f,g,h} without destroying the data.
Thanks for your help.

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