FUNNY PRANK CALLS linux-lvm at sistina.com
Wed Apr 23 20:57:02 UTC 2003


How to use this service:

1 Dial 0906 664 1902
2 Select the prank [Eg: Inland Revenue, STD Clinic +  many more].
3 Enter your victims telephone number.
4 Listen to their reaction as the computer dials out to them!

==Now includes these features==

# Voice recognition.
# Calls back victim if they hang up.
# Listen in as your victim is wound up.
# A total of 17 different pranks to play on your mates.

Data ticket:4886. Calls to 0906 664 1902 cost one pound and fifty pence per minute. Service provider: TPX 0871 872 3731. To unsubscribe call 0871 872 3731. Promotion code: ouvoyx


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