[linux-lvm] Lilo and LVM

Stefan Feeser stefan.feeser at felino.de
Thu Apr 24 13:49:14 UTC 2003

Hi all,

meanwhile I have created a VG and some LV's during the installation process of 
a debian system. My system, which I have prepared for the normal boot process 
looks like that in the RAM disk:

/dev/rootvg		/target
/dev/hda1		/target/boot
/dev/rootvg/varlv	/target/var

Now I have the problem that I could not create a correct bootable system.

At the LVM-Howto I found that I have to create a LVM start script. So I create 
that. In the same documentation I found that I have to run the following 

update-rc.d lvm start 26 S . stop 82 1 .

But  this don't run at my system (it runs at the RAM disk!!!). Further I found 
that I have to run the lilo command after I configure my lilo.conf at 
/target/etc/ with the following command.

lilo -r /target -F /etc/lilo.conf

After running that it seems that my configuration is correct becaus the system 
start after a reboot. At the point where the volumes will be mounted the 
system get a kernel panic because it seems that / can not mounted.

Have someone an idea what I should do???

Thanks and Regards from a north bavarian village

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Forstwirtschaft
Stefan Feeser
have a look to

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