[linux-lvm] access special devices

Michael Vogt MichaelVogt at abcsystems.ch
Wed Apr 30 03:45:01 UTC 2003

hey everyone,

ive a question, i want to use lvm in my san environment, i use a san virtualisation. the point is, my (scsi) disks are not called /dev/sdX, they are called /dev/svm/svmXXX. when i run lvmdiskscan, those drives are not seen by lvm. also a pv create fails:

so i checked the source, and in the file /tools/lib/lvm_dir_cache.c are some definitions called LVM_DIR_PREFIX. i tried to add my definitions (/dev/svm/svm and svm/svm) but this didnt work. what i need to do, that my disks are aviable for lvm?

thanks in advance


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