[linux-lvm] How long does PVmove take

Scott Mcdermott smcdermott at questra.com
Tue Aug 5 17:59:01 UTC 2003

B. J. Zolp on Tue  5/08 17:54 -0500:
> I have to remove 4 120GB IDE drives from a LVM on a P2
> 450Mhz machine.  I have been pvmoving one of them for
> about the last 5 days.  Is this a normal time frame?  How
> much longer can I expect?

you should see progress (i think it gives some progress
without -v iirc), just estimate based on moved PE / total PE
and compare to elapsed time.

with LVM1 at least, it's quite slow, but I moved 40G in
less than 4 hours, so...

one thing that threw me, was that it doesn't start moving
for a LONG time and there is no output.  I had very
important data, so I didn't kill it, because I knew it was
doing stuff based on wchan :)

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