[linux-lvm] Block-Level Backup

Rocky Lee rocky_lee at proware.com.tw
Thu Aug 7 04:14:01 UTC 2003

>What exactly shall this be good for?
>I immediately thought about ISO files: CD-ROM images. You can do the
>very same to any block device:
>dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/tmp/disk.bak
>Of course, the drive mounted ot /tmp has to be larger than /dev/hda1, in
>this case... and it's filesystem should probably support files > 2GB.
>Compression might help, too.
>Not sure if that's whah you're looking for...

Thank you Markus!

I forget "dd", it really is a good way to do a simple block-level backup, :)

but it'll be great if there's a tool,
that supoorts block-level increment backup....


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