[linux-lvm] Repair inconsistent PV

Andreas Pakulat ap125 at informatik.uni-rostock.de
Mon Aug 18 16:43:01 UTC 2003


only wanted to notify everyone, that I could now solve my problem with
hexedit and lvm.h. I changed the Major/Minor Numbers in both hdXX and
then looked at the VG Data, I found that the one in hdc2 seemed OK,
while the one in hda7 looked like random Data was written in it. So I
copied the VG Metadata into hda7 using dd. A vgscan marked lvtmp as
problematic, it was in hda7 but in the vgmetadata were only 3 LV's, so I
changed that and threw out the LV Metadata of that particular lv. It
is also the one I was deleting when the hardware error occured. Now I
can read my data again.


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