[linux-lvm] LVM 2.0/Device-Mapper 1.0 update

Dan Sully daniel at electricrain.com
Wed Aug 20 18:18:04 UTC 2003

* Alasdair G Kergon <agk at uk.sistina.com> shaped the electrons to say...

> I've updated the LVM 2.0 and Device-Mapper 1.0 tarballs
> at ftp.sistina.com to incorporate a few minor bug fixes.
> ftp://ftp.sistina.com/pub/LVM2/tools/LVM2.0-stable.tgz
>   (CVS tag v2.00.06)
> ftp://ftp.sistina.com/pub/LVM2/device-mapper/device-mapper-stable.tgz
>   (CVS tag v1.00.03)

Do these work on the 2.6.x test series yet?

<_> oops i dropped weed in the keyboard
<qq> ctrl-alt-marijuana

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