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Dear Sir/Madam, 

It is a privilege to use this opportunity to contact you and it gives me joy to relate my testimony to you having been delivered from great persecution through divine intervention. I feel very privileged, to use this medium as it is the only available means to contact you particularly for the intentions why I have decided to contact you.This message is not
specifically for Christains alone but for anyone that has human feelings and who has the fear of God in him/her. I want you to note that I got your contact by sourcing for somebody like you, who is capable and competent enough to help me achieve this objective through your position as a foreigner.Please, try your best to read everything and May God Almighty guide you as you read through and I expect the best from you as soon as possible.

I am Rtd (Sister) Colonel Rosemary Danladi of the Nigerian Army that served under the past military regime. I was the then financial secretary to the Nigerian Armed Forces Ruling Council(AFRC). Before the death of our late head of state  ( Late General Sanni Abacha rtd.), I was instructed by the late head of state to divert two hundred million America dollars (US$200,000,000) into his wife's (Dr Mrs Maryam Abacha) personal Bank Account in oversea. After executing the job perfectly, I was compensated with twenty million America dollars ($20,000,000) as my own gratuity for job well done.My plan then was to invest the US$20M when I retire. 

However, I was arrested after the death of the late General and I was accused of various offences. I was imprisoned for a very long time. I was in a different world then and the only companion I had was the holy bible.Consequently,I was automatically retired. While
in the prison,I have had no rest of mind because some times, I thought of the souls I killed when I was a soldier and the dubious character performed by me when I was in service under the authorities and influences of the Late Gen. Sani Abacha; hence, the need for me
to seek the face of God for forgiveness arose when I felt the love of God upon me for making me escape death. I committed my problems to God for Divine protection and deliverance. While I was in prison,I listened to preachings and I was told that the only
way I could have rest of mind and also receive His (God's) forgiveness is only when I follow and do his commandments. I prayed for forgiveness by reading the Bible and then I picked some of this under mentioned chapters and verses in the Holy Bible: 

Firstly, it is written in 1 PETER 4:8; 'that in Above all things have fervent charity among yourself, for charity shall cover the multitude sin'. 

And similar thing is also written in under mentioned chapters and verses of the Holy Bible 

( 1 CORINTHIANS 16:14 ) 'that we should let all our things be done with charity'

( MATTHEW 6:1-6 ) 'that we should give alms but in secret and not openly for people to know who gives out the alms'. 

( 11 CORINTHIANS 9:6 ) 'that we should sow as we expected to reap', 

As a matter of fact, this few chapters and verses in the Holy Bible mentioned above and the many other that I have read in the Holy Bible is enough for me to start doing things according to the commandment / the will of God.I realised that there is no gain for a man
who inherited all the good of this world but can not enter the kingdom of God. Also,what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his own soul.With this, I clearly understood that it would be better for me to give all that I acquired during my days in worldly things to charity and less privileged;so that the glory of God will shine upon me and I will be forgiven as well.I have been norturing this idea before the present civilian president of my country set up a Human Right Violation Commission also known as Honorable Oputa Panel. I gained freedom after the handover from military rule to civilian rule. I lost my husband while I was in prison. 

Moreover,This panel was headed by Rtd Justice Oputa: to probe the Bank Account of the past Military officers like me and also to inestigate so many cases of human right violation as comitted by many people during the military regime. Instead of me loosing this money to my government, and also because my country's government will never pardon any person who wish to return any money regarded as loot back to them. The government of my country is full of dubious and fraudulent unbelievers. The same caucus are the ones still controlling the affairs of my country and that is why I no longer feel confident to reveal that I am in possession of any money. So many monies were actually looted during the Abacha regime and so many billions of dollars have been recovered by same civilian regime but the people of Nigeria have no knowledge of what the monies have been used for.Nigeria is suffering from bad leadership and they don't do things for the sake of God due to their unbelievers conduct and lack of conscience. Our leaders use occultic means to win and control political
positions. As if I new, I had already lodged the money with a Security Finance Company for safe keeping, pending when I am ready to ultilise the money for investment purposes or where applicable. I am doing this because i have been denied of being in possesion of any money after my bank account was frozen leaving me and my family with little or nothing
to feed on.Since then, I have been denied the opportunity of leaving the country or paticipate in politics.My whole life is now being been monitored in various ways but I have devised means to execute this business when I confirm your total comittment to help.

Now, I am ready to sow half of this money into any reliable Orphanage homes and on charity oriented programes abroad to enable the less privileged and those who may have been affected in this manner, for the purpose of achieving what I have vowed. This is the reason why I am contacting you, head of organizations,corporate directors and competent individual for assistance. It is now of great importance for you to assist me to receive this money from the finance and Security Company pending my arrival to your Country. Incase the nature of your work will not  permit you for this assistance,I mean,if you are always too busy, then I will want you to use your trusted status to kindly recommend a trustworthy,honest and God fearing minded person, who can be of help in assisting me to claim this money
from the security company for the only purpose of sowing the money into the project I have vowed to do and part of this money will be used to fight for my total freedom.
Due to my present condition, I have given my brother who is a lawyer to act on my behalf so that I won't be traced to the money.Please kindly contact Morris Mantu Esq. through his email address.He would give you further information regarding this arrangement to claim the money from the security company in Europe. I look forward to your quick response. Send copies of your replies to these Morris Mantu's alternative email addresses: mo_mantuesq at yahoo.com,morrismantu at go.com,morris_mantu at zwallet.com,morrismantu at latinmail.com,morrismantuesq at lawyer.com. It is important that you do so because I will acknowledge your reply.

God bless you. 

Rtd (Sister) Colonel Rosemary Danladi through Morris Mantu Esq.


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