[linux-lvm] Kernel 2.4.22, LVM 1.0.7 and VFS patch for 2.4.20

Donald Thompson dlt at lunanet.biz
Wed Aug 27 00:39:01 UTC 2003

2.4.22 kernel builds fail for me with 'undefined reference to `DQUOT_SYNC''
when it attempts to link to produce vmlinux . Looks like the definition
for DQUOT_SYNC in include/linux/quotaops.h changed from:

#define DQUOT_SYNC(dev) sync_dquots(dev, -1)


#define DQUOT_SYNC_DEV(dev)     sync_dquots_dev(dev, -1)

in kernel 2.4.22 from 2.4.21. Can someone who knows better than I confirm
that it should be safe to change the reference in the VFS patch, repatch,
and rebuild?


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