[linux-lvm] pvcreate error

richard turner rturner at san.rr.com
Mon Jan 6 12:55:02 UTC 2003

i am trying to create a physical volume on /dev/hdb using:
pvcreate -ff -y /dev/hdb

the following error is generated:
pvcreate -- device "/dev/hdb" has a partition table

my understanding is that pvcreate looks in /proc/partitions for
partition information. currently /proc/partitions does not show any
partitions for hdb (target1). i have tried:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdb bs=1k count=1
blockdev --rereadpt /dev/hdb

nothing indicates that there is a partition table on /dev/hdb, however
pvcreate is still detecting one.

i am using lvm 1.0.1. is this a known issue with version 1.0.1? is there
something i am missing that pvcreate is detecting?

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