[linux-lvm] Graphical tool to configure LVM for RedHat 8

Mike (TrueTel) mike at truetel.com
Wed Jan 8 17:59:01 UTC 2003

Try "lvmgui" , it did work for me

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> * The command line tools are great but I just wonder if there is a
> graphical tool to do the same thing (for RedHat, BTW) ?
> I  know  RedHat  8  (graphical)  installation  has support for LVM and
> creating  of  LVM  arrays.  However,  I have no idea if such tools are
> included after the installation.
> * 
> * No. they are not.
> In  any case. I do no recommend using 3rd party tools to configure and
> manage your disks.

> * What 3rd party tools can you suggest. ?
> * I guess this should be part of the FAQ as well.
> Thanh
try a google search for 
lvmgui [java] and lvmviewer[perl i think]
both were the a bit abandend the last time i tried them,
but hopefully they'll work with RH8

may be( just may be) another solution would be 
the tools provided with mandrake (diskdrake) or eventualy
the EVMS GUI (see http://evms.sf.net )

if you find some other pointers, drop a line :)
by the way SuSE had a perfect text(ncurses) installer(manager) for lvm since
SuSE 6.4 (i think about a year or two ago)

a lot of Luck,


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