[linux-lvm] LVM bug

Rich Turner rich at storix.com
Tue Jan 14 14:18:01 UTC 2003

The following is a situation where LVM fails.

Previously, I installed a system and created a physical volume on an
entire disk. I am now re-installing the system and have created a
physical volume on a partition on the same disk. The partition was
created with sfdisk. I am able to create volume groups and logical
volumes with no problem.

The problem arises after a reboot of the system. vgscan fails to find
any volume groups. pvscan finds physical volumes on both the disk and
the partition. It appears LVM fails when creating a physical volume on a
partition of a disk when there was previously a physical volume on the
same entire disk.

Using LVM 1.0.1

Rich Turner
Storix Software

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