[linux-lvm] Kernel PANIC after partition change on RedHat 8.0

Yuliy Minchev yuliy at mobiltel.bg
Fri Jan 17 15:19:02 UTC 2003


I have installed Red Hat Linux 8.0. I've made volume group (rootvg)
from /dev/md1 (which is raid1). I've put my /boot on /dev/md0.

As you already have noticed - I have two disks.
After installation I'm making new partiotion /dev/sdb5 i.e.
And if I change its to type to 8e after reboot kernel panics.
If I change type of this partition to something different - the system 
boots fine.

I cannot understand where can be the problem.
I have to say that I made the same configuration on this machine and 
everything was ok. But now I cannot see any difference.

Any ideas?



  Yuliy Minchev, 
  UNIX Administrator

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