[linux-lvm] cannot extend lv

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Sun Jan 19 15:00:02 UTC 2003

> I understand, I went through the same exercise two months ago.  I
> borrowed a disk from a friend, moved all of the data to it, and rebuilt
> my whole VG setup.  It was a major pain in the neck.

But it's the only way. This is not unique to Sistina's
implementation. Once the filesystem has been striped at
a low level (vs. lvextending it to alternate disks at
the extent level) there isn't any good way to move the
sripes around.

I'd suggest picking up a backup device, though, instead
of a diskdrive. The last thing you need is for a borrowed
drive to croak while you're re-arranging the PV's.

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