[linux-lvm] Lilo Defvs and Root Raid1, Having trouble booting

Steven Dake sdake at mvista.com
Tue Jan 21 12:48:01 UTC 2003

did you set the first partition on target 0:9, 0:10, 1:9, 1:10 to 
bootable (fdisk 'a' command) and did you set the RAID partitions type to 
RAID artostart (fdisk 't' command set to 0xfd).

Make sure you have the correct MBR on your disk with the lilo -M command 
to write the MBR to 0:9 0:10 1:9 1:10.  

You could also post your lilo.conf so we can verify you have it 
specified properly.

Give those a try.

mfusco at calpoly.edu wrote:

>Need help please!
>   Here is my current system.
>   /boot is a md0 raid1 mirrored over 4 scsi disk, host0 target9, h0t10, h1t9, 
>   / is a md11 raid1 mirrored over the same four disks.
>   md0 is part1 and md11 is part2
>   my lilo has the option for raid-????-boot=mbr-only and LILO does load the 
>   heres the problem.  raidautostart /dev/md0 failed kernel unable to mount 
>root directory 09:00.  I have tried to make a initrd with --preload raid1 and -
>-with=raid1 but still no luck.  also unzip my initrd and looked in the /dev 
>only entry was md0 which was a symbolic link to md/0.  Tried to mknod the 
>files, sda, sdb... sda1, sda2, ... and md0, md11 and still no luck?
>Please any ides would be really helpful
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