[linux-lvm] syncing with snapshots takes forever?

Sean Oh oh at storageone.co.kr
Sat Jan 25 01:57:01 UTC 2003

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Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2003 3:26 AM
Subject: Re: [linux-lvm] syncing with snapshots takes forever?

> 30 minutes still seems _far_ too long for LVM2, although totally
> reasonable for LVM1.  At the risk of sounding patronising; when you
> tried LVM2 are you certain you were not running LVM1 by mistake ?
> (eg. was the LVM1 kernel driver present? did your volumes appear in
> /dev/mapper/ ?).

LVM1 was removed from the system cleanly. And LVM1 kernel driver was
Yes, /dev/mapper/? is there and /dev/vg01/?? is linked to /dev/mapper/??.


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