[linux-lvm] resize LV

Alexander Lazarevich alazarev at itg.uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 28 14:44:02 UTC 2003

I've got a RedHat linux 7.3 system, running LVM 1.03 (or whatever comes 
with the 7.3 distribution). This system is our fileserver. It is patched 
and uses the 2.4.18-19.7.xsmp kernel. I've got one volume group (homevg), 
with 2 LV's in that group (/dev/homevg/stafflv and /dev/homevg/userslv). 
The filesystem on /dev/homevg/userslv need to be expanded by 50GB. There 
are plenty of free PE's left in homevg, more than 126GB.

I know how to expand the LV while the LV is mounted, piece of cake 
(lvextend -L+50GB /dev/homevg/userslv - expands userslv by 50GB). But how 
do I expand the filesystem while it is mounted? I don't want to 
umount the filesystem down to do this.

The filesystem is an ext3 filesystem. Can I use resize2fs? The man pages 
for resize2fs say nothing about doing it while the filesystem is mounted, 
so I'm assuming I can't. If not, is there some other command that does it 
while the filesystem is online?

If I need a kernel patch/recomplile while will allow me to perform 
filesystem resizes while that filesystem is up thats fine, please let me 
know what the patch is. I need it big time, and I should have figured it 
out before I brought the system online! ack!

Thanks in advance!

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