[linux-lvm] resize an ext3 on an LV

Alexander Lazarevich alazarev at itg.uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 29 09:17:02 UTC 2003

A rehash of some questions I asked earlier, but I want to clarify:

Redhat 7.3, 2.4.18-19.7.xsmp kernel, using LVM 1.03.

I've got a 180GB LV (/dev/homevg/userslv) which contains an ext3 
filesystem (mount point /home/users).

Once I umount the /dev/homevg/userslv, can I use resize2fs to extend the 
ext3 filesystem? Or must I first remove the journal from ext3, then 
resize, then add the journal back to it, then remount?

Anyone know the exact commands to remove the journal? Would these work:
tune2fs -0 ^has_journal /dev/homevg/userslv
e2fsck -f /dev/homevg/userslv

Is this safe? Data is backed up on tape, but I'd rather not destroy the 
filesystem in the first place.

Thanks in advance!

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